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- new work by francisco vidal! (see them here).

- new artist, ernesto shikhani! modern master from mozambique (see his impressive work here).

- early masterpiece by Kwame Akoto aka almighty god! (see it here).

- classic work by peintre moke! (see ithere).

- new bodos! (see them here).

- new boua! (see them here).

- new aboudia! (see it here).

- new work by esther mahlangu! (see it here).

- new chissano! beautiful poetic work by the lat master (see it here).

- new series by goncalo mabunda, mozambique's most influential artist (see them here).

- new cherin cherin! (see it here).

- two early works by malangatana ngwenya! (see them here).

- classic work by frederic bruly bouabre ! (see it here).

- new work by ajarb ategwa! (see it here).

- new artist, zemba luzamba! (see it here).

- happy new year! lots of interesting stuff coming up. stay tuned!


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