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Francisco Vidal ’s work employs several mediums, from painting to installation, developing a meticulous and continued reflection on the discursive possibilities of the artistic expression and aesthetics, in regard to the Portuguese and Angolan societies and actuality. In this sense, his works are deeply charged with historical and political connotations.

In parallel with his personal practice, Francisco Vidal created in 2012, alongside with Rita GT, Antonio Ole and Nelo Teixeira, the virtual studio "e-Studio" Luanda: a collective of Luanda based artists, with a projects and gallery space, which has a regular program of exhibitions and artistic education.

Francisco Vidal is a graduate by the Columbia University School of the Arts in New York (USA), where he completed his MFA.

Francisco Vidal was selected for the Angolan Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, curated by António Ole and by the deputy curator Antonia Gaeta.

Vidal exhibits regularly since 2005. This same year, he was selected for the EDP – Novos Artistas Award, having also been in 2013 one of 10 artists included in the documentary series Geração 25 de Abril, by Abílio Leitão and Alexandre Melo.

His work is represented in several collections, including the EDP Foundation, Lisbon; PLMJ Foundation, Lisbon; Sindika Dokolo Collection, Luanda and Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.

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