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OMARI AMONDE, (1940-2015)(signs OJAJAMONDE)



Omari Amonde was born in 1940 in the village of Nakapanya, Tunduru district, Rovuma Region. He went to Tanga in 1957 to work on a sisal estate and in 1960 he came to Dar es Salaam for the first time looking for work. In 1972 Omari Amonde definitely settles in the capital.

Omari Amonde was "half brother" of E.S. Tingatinga and the oldest of all Tingatinga painters still active. He worked with E.S. Tingatinga in 1972 until Tingatinga's death. Amonde was considered as the very last legitimate heir of Tingatinga's heritage and had been Chairman of the TACS. He died in February, 2015.

source: "Tinga Tinga, the popular paintings fom Tanzania", Y. Goscinny and "Art in Tanzania 2000", Y. Goscinny



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