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MOHAMMED WASIA CHARINDA (Mohamedi Charinda) (1947-2021)



Mohamed Charinda was born in 1947 in the Nakapanya village, in the Tunduru district, Rovuma region, south of Tanzania. He is married and has six children.

Charinda completed primary education and started painting in 1975 learning from Hashim Mruta, a first generation Tingatinga painter. Charinda speciality is painting people in village scenes or stories always with a narrative or educational message. He has also depicted his legend of Makua Inferno where all the bad people (thieves, criminals, etc) will be tied together and then transformed into semi-animal devils - shetani.

Charinda was the first painter of the tingatinga school to change from masonite boards to textile canvas in 1989.

source: "Tinga Tinga, the popular paintings fom Tanzania", Y. Goscinny and "Art in Tanzania 2001", Y. Goscinny

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