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JP MIKA, 1980



Jean-Paul Nsimba Mika took an early interest in drawing and ornamentation and attended the painting department of the Kinshasa Academy of Fine Art. He also went to ARAP, The Popular Art Research Studio created by the artist Chéri Chérin who later became his “Master”.

There, JP Mika improved his skills and became a member of APPO, The Popular Painters Society. In 2004, he established his own Studio and named it EBA, The Fine Arts Events.

Mika is an outstanding draftsman and he has long borrowed the themes and compositions of his elders and his mentor Chéri Chérin. As Chéri Samba before him, Mika puts himself on stage in his works, painting self portraits or adding himself in group composition - most of the time dressed as a “sapeur” (group of well-dressed men). For the last couple of years, he has develop his own style concentrated on portraits and simplifying his composition by using colourful fabrics that he uses as a background. This “finding” and the perfect use of colour provides a positive energy to his work and that now profoundly stands out from his peers. His very realistic paintings are nevertheless benevolent and whatever the subject, he gently and kindly paints a modern, dynamic and happy Africa.

source: CAACART


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